R.A. Raab
What the readers are saying...
“At long last I received the book you were kind enough to send me, and as nervous as I am about reading a book in which I am explicitly referenced—it feels like looking at photographs of myself, an activity I loathe—your evident charm has placed The Dewey Deception closer to the top of my enormous and precarious pile, and I look forward to cracking it open soon. With all due respect,”
-- Lemony Snicket
“The Dewey Deception introduces Tom and Becky Biblio, a pair of very dissimilar twins, who find their boring summer enlivened by an intriguing mystery….In the library, Becky and Tom learn the intricacies of the Dewey Decimal System, and find clues that lead the way to a treasure…and a cliffhanger ending that will leave readers waiting for the next installment of the Biblio Files. Library and computer skills are emphasized, as a bonus, and young readers may be encouraged to explore their local libraries on their own." 
--Roberta Rogow
Author, librarian and book reviewer for Mystery Scene Magazine
“WOW, what a book! I’m a permanent fan of yours. I love the DEWEY DECEPTION as much as I love my HARRY POTTER books and more. Not only did you write a super interesting book, which had me on the edge of my seat and cost me half a night, because I needed to know the end, but you taught such an invaluable lesson for all the growing kids about the love of books and at the same time you sneaked in all about the use of libraries and their categorizing system. Thanks for putting into writing such a great book. I have ordered several so I can send them to AR and to OH and to FL where I know some pre-teens who will thank Santa for being so good to them.”
-- Barbara O., grandmother
“I read your book over the weekend. I can't tell you how much I loved it. What a wonderful adventure. The characters are great, Tom and Becky seem like real people to me. I'm actually waiting to see what will happen to them in the next book. Your book has made the library such an exciting place for children. Thank you.” 
-- Nancy S., Librarian
“…I have enjoyed reading THE DEWEY DECEPTION. The overall tone, emulating a Lemony Snicket-style combination of youth-oriented plot and occasional higher-brow in-jokes makes for an enjoyably multi-layered reading. It aims to encourage a love of reading in children and is written in an engaging and intriguing style. The book/library theme is a fantastic idea…”
-- L. S., Literary Agent
“I really enjoyed reading this book. Although written as a children's novel, adults will love the book as well. The author tells a fun story of a brother and sister team trying to solve mysteries all surrounding our favorite childhood books and the Dewey Decimal System, if you can imagine! This book reminded me a little of a modern version of the book, "From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler." The dialogue is well written and it reads the way real kids talk. The puzzles are fun, make sense, and help move the story along. The book is relatively short so it would make a great book for teachers to read aloud to their classes. Book lovers of all ages will love this book. It made me want to re-read some of my old favorites like "Charlotte's Web" and "Peter Pan." The only problem with this book: It's the first in a trilogy! It had a cliffhanger ending so I'm dying for the second book to come out.” 
-- TuRae F., Laguna Beach Mom
“The Dewey Deception is a wonderful, thought-provoking read for all ages. I could not put the book down...a very original and creative plot-line that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout! I can't wait for the next one in the trilogy!!”
-- Heidi S., HR Rep., NY
“I really enjoyed it. I found it to be very entertaining, but I learned a lot too. I can't wait to visit The Morgan Library in NYC now; it sounds very interesting. I liked the narrator's voice and the writing style was somewhat similar to Stephen King's (sort of) with the cynical sarcasm of Lemony Snicket. I loved the literary references to all my favorite classic books. The plot line worked well; the puzzles were clever, made sense and worked with the story line. The dialogue was very natural. It kind of reminded me of "From the Mixed Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" but for older kids. I was also very impressed with the beautiful illustrations. I highly recommend this book for children 10 and up as well as for young-at-heart adults!” 
-- Jenna I., Sales Rep., NJ
“I highly recommend this book! It is humorous, cleverly written, maintains your interest as the clue results unfold, teaches how the modern library works, and encourages reading. It would make a great gift for 11 year olds and up”. 
-- Laura N., NJ Mom
“I really enjoyed reading The Dewey Deception. What I liked most about it was the way the author explained things such as ISBNs, Cutter Numbers, even the Dewey Decimal System. As a librarian, I enjoy reading books where reading and the library play such central roles in the lives of the characters. I've already made plans to visit the Morgan Library with a friend. I can not wait to see all of its treasures. Thanks for introducing me” 
-- Roxanna, School Library Media Specialist, NJ
-- Katherine D., Canada
“Please excuse the luvvy language,but it has to be said my daughter can not put it down. She was supposed to be packing for a camping trip this evening, instead she hid in her room reading YOUR book. We started reading it together-- I will now have to try and catch up whilst she is away. Well done!!” 
-- Chris, London, England
“Awesome! A great read! Entertaining and educational. I can't wait for the sequel. The narrator's cynical sarcasm made me chuckle. I enjoyed how the book "teaches" about libraries, book collecting, and the dewey decimal system. It encourages reading as the clues unfold. Superb!”
-- Elaine, Ireland
“I bought your book, The Dewey Deception at the book fair. I couldn't put it down and I just finished it. I was wondering when your next book, The Gutenberg Gambit is going to be published. “ 
-- Matt, student
“I read your book before I sent it out to Colorado to my 12-year old granddaughter as one of her Hanukah gifts. I loved it!!! Your humor is great and the literary allusions are wonderful! I am sure she will love it too!”
-- Susan T., Librarian
“In the novel, THE DEWEY DECEPTION, by Ralph Raab, the two main characters are Tom and Becky Biblio. This set of dynamic fifth grade twins go on an adventure to find an amazing treasure. Another important character is Norton. Tom and Becky’s annoying friend who helps them on their quest. My favorite character in the book is Tom Biblio. I enjoyed reading about this character in [the] novel.” 
-- Finnian B., fourth grade student
“I’ve known Mr. Raab since I was in Kindergarten. He always makes me laugh. I know that he is a great music teacher, but what I didn’t know was that he could write a book this good. I can’t wait to read the next one.”
-- Noelle D., fifth grade student
“I got your book from my friend's Mom, Mrs. S. I read your book in three nights. Your writing style is easy to read. I almost peed in my pants at one point because I was so freaked out. What is your next book going to be called? I hope it will be as gripping as the first one .”
-- Will H., fifth grade student
“Vincent is nearly finished with your book and doesn't want to stop reading during the school day. Great job! Can't wait to read it myself!”
-- Linda V., Middle School Instructional Aide
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