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R.A. Raab began his writing career at the age of 10, when teachers made him write things 100 times after school. He's been writing his way into and out of trouble ever since. He has written for magazines, contributed to The New York Times, and is currently at work on two new books.
A teacher of music, computers, and study skills for over 25 years, in his spare time he writes books, gives piano and guitar lessons and plays a lot of pinball. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and any one of their five boomerang kids, a very noisy African Grey and dog that loves to take selfies.
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The Books
The Dewey Deception The Gutenberg Gambit The Tamerlane Trap Captain Vidiot
Reviews “I read your book over the weekend. I can't tell you how much I loved it. What a wonderful adventure. The characters are great, Tom and Becky seem like real people to me. I'm actually waiting to see what will happen to them in the next book. Your book has made the library such an exciting place for children. Thank you.”
-- Nancy S., Librarian
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Randy Raab in Think Teachers Magazine
Think Teachers Magazine
Rock Star Ralph
Music teacher Randy “Ralph” Raab of East Hanover Township, NJ engages his students and addresses the diversity of skill levels in the classroom with a mix of teaching techniques. He introduces pre-kindergarten students to the mechanics of the violin before singing and dancing to a song about a cookie. For older students, he incorporates game-based learning to the study of classical composers and music theory. Raab believes that music programs increase student test scores, attendance and self-esteem, and advocates for their importance in schools.
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